Sponsored Links


Sponsored links are the search results in advertisement form (appears in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn Live Search…) where is positioned in the top or right side of the organic results, it brings more visibility and potential click chances that leaves the client into your product or service page.


  • Unique objective, bring the right client to your page, so they can hire services, compare products, download apps and more…
  • Ensure a good place and structure, highlightning your product to the specific client.
Links Patrocinados Tudonanet e Busca Orgânica


  • The investment in sponsored link’s campaigns has a quick result, due its position relative to a phrase or keyword searched.

Website's professional optimization benefits

  • Your website in top of search results with high relevance keywords;
  • Specific clicks with more conversion probability;
  • Brand and company consolidation in the market, for clients and competitors;
  • Abrangency;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Detailed analysis of optimized website’s results using a Google Analytics tool.