Discover how to guarantee your website’s host quality with Tudonanet and enjoy the offered resources in the best possible way.


Aiming to keep in our offered services a high quality level, Tudonanet presents ponctual solutions for each necessity of your clients;

The e-mail service is critic considered by the characteristic of being the main communication method in company’s context. So, Tudonanet offers resources for each necessity, which has very clear rules and defined to its utilization, always aiming the quality of our offered services.

Our e-mail servers are daily monitored to verificate its performance and detect any type of problem and fix it soon as possible.

If found that a determined domain is having an utilization out of normal patterns of e-mail server, where messages are being sent above the acceptable average, causing a high processing from our server while processing its messages plus ones from other clients, the domain’s responsable will be notified in the same instant for us to ascertain the cause of utilization, elevated from server’s processing and then inform the adequate procedure to these e-mail sendings.

The e-mail’s server that is being used to send the messages from all domains hosted with us, is a shared server, where we have another clients that use it, and we have the obligation to grant the service without performance drop, equally to all users.

SPAM is the sending of one or more messages to someone that don’t want it.

The practice of SPAM is a very delicated subject, and for this point, we dedicate a part of our website exclusive for doubt’s clarification, related to the e-mail sent not solicited.


Tudonanet don’t allow in your servers the host of porn not authorized or pedophilia content. Verified the occurrence of hosting this kind of content, the responsable client for the host plan will be notified, and the files will be removed from server the soon as possible.

To keep the quality of our services, granting that the server’s performance will not be affected, only MP3 files that are PRODUCED by the same website (Ex.: Bands) will be allowed. Other MP3 files, with free or registered rights, will not be allowed.

The login and password data hosted in our servers are only provided through email, and to the emails that are registered in the account in question. Under any circumstances login and passwords informations, or another registered data, will be provided by our “Team” through phone. Because of that, keep your register with us always updated, to avoid any kind of trouble. This action aims to guarantee the secure of all the account’s data hosted with us.

Client is responsable for the secure and the use of his website. Your password to access its configurations will be treated in a private and confident mode, we advice to don’t share it with others.

Tudonanet don’t send email requiring passwords or any kind of personal information.

We don’t accept racist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, sexist content or any others that goes against the moral integrity of others or society groups. The prohibition includes websites related to crackers, hackers and Software piracy (distribution of cracker and software’s serial codes). Is prohibited the commercialization or free and public distribution of redirecting email address.

Client is prohibited from hiring any host service if the same doesn’t have 16 years old. Tudonanet don’t host clients without a Social Security Card too.

Client is responsable for the hired space and can act only in his space. Isn’t allowed to the client break the passwords or invade someone else’s websites from a Tudonanet’s server, and use unduly another client’s account.

To the client, will not be allowed the use of procedures (scripts) that uses excessively the CPU’s processing capacity in any of our servers, in face of service’s immediately suspension. The veto extends to servers or IRC eggdrops and software’s execution in background too. Also is prohibited to client store in a single account more space than the hired one. The client should respect the data transfer’s month limit, specified in the offered service’s types. Otherwise, will have a surcharge.

Scripts use – There isn’t a limit to the use of server’s resources since they don’t compromise the server’s performance. The client can use many scripts as he wants and use his database the way he think its better, but since this in the future, don’t harm the server’s performance, affecting all accounts, including the client’s one.

Band consumption – The data transfer comes from server and goes to the machines that access the website throught HTTP (browser).

We don’t allow in our servers, using executable files. These files can harm the server’s performance, and cause a lot of problems.

For a DLL or a software (or just .exe files) developed by the client or by others could be installed in our system, it needs that  it follow a few steps, like:

The client needs to send informations about the DLL or software’s precedence, if it was made by others. The client should send the documentation; and DLL or software’s source-code to be installed, it if was made by the same company. These files will be analyzed by our technical team and an answer will be given to the client in 72 hours. The answer don’t implies necessarily a final answer from our team. New questions relative to installation could be made. If its a DLL, is narrowly necessarily sending the source’s code so that it is compiled in Tudonanet’s installations.

If our team realize that the source’s code analysis can take more than one hour, we’ll be forced to charge a fee of consulting and analysis, of R$ 120,00/per hour. If that’s the case, Tudonanet will be contacting you through an email before the start of analysis, aiming to know if the client agrees with the fee and with the future procedures.

Once the software or DLL is installed, if is any complications in the server and is proven that the DLL or software are the cause, Tudonanet reserves in the right of removing the files completely.

These procedures aims to don’t block new deployments, but overall to guarantee that the server work in harmony, attending the necessities of all that share its resources, without harming both sides.

Isn’t included in the current service the technical support of HTML pages development, or CGI Scripts, Perl, ASP, Javascript, Vbscript, ActiveX, or any other development language for internet. Our support is limited to the host service of Web files only. If problems of a determined account are due a bad codification, Tudonanet will fix it. The client, however, can ask for a consulting to fix this kind of problem through a fee of R$ 120,00 per hour.

Isn’t included the displacement of our support team to the local where the client is, for support and equipement/software configuration too.