Made of your own way

We develop the website according your company’s necessities. If a lot of content alteration, we develop a tool for it, so you can change anything you want or add more pages or products to your website.

Technical informations

  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Host: Linux

Informations placement in the website

One of the main difficults that we’ve found and fixed to our clients, was the speed that informations are insert into the internet. In our system he can place them immediately in a simple way. No need to be a programmer, the administration system has an easy access and animated tutorials to help with doubts.

Sending images
another important point was solving the sending image’s problem, our system fixed it, and you can send an image in any size, it will adjust to the needed size automatically, so, is unnecessary using external programs, like Photoshop, Corel Draw and Paint.

When the company needs, it has to ask for a designer, to change some colors, positions and more. But sometimes the professional isn’t avaiable in that moment, we’ve noticed that and our client can use a big template variety, and with a simple click he changes the website’s form and colors.

To the company, creating a self-management website with quality and easy management, the cost surpass the expectations, thinking about that our system was created where we can keep it always updated, in function of all companies that use the same system and are benefit from innovation set.

Isn’t because a company uses the same system from others, that we have to use the same website “appearance” or “visual”. Our system has big flexibility with website’s appearance. Each company chooses what and how it wants to be the visualization of all modules being able to leave it with a simple institutional website appearance and how to use all tools and turn it into a big portal.

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