E-Mail Marketing

Meet the power of email marketing!

With an easy and intuitive interface, Tudonanet’s email marketing system makes easier your decisions, while creating a campaign.

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Tudonanet's e-mail marketing advantages

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Monitoring and geolocation

You could know your customer’s habits and sell more! Know the click’s origin and optimize your campaign through your client’s habits.

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Public segmentation

You can filter your contacts by when they’ve clicked, filter by links and save in one list to make new actions with those that showed more intrest.

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Click map

You see through an easy and quick manner, your email’s data, being able to see click’s detailed informations, most accessed links and in what the client has more intrest.

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Campaign and templates

Using our editor, you create your own E-mail Marketing even without programming knowledge. You can choose prestablished templates or create one like you want.

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Anti-spam robot

Our robot is always careful to do the anti-spam validation and improve your content’s structure, because like us, you prefer the inbox

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Conversion rate

A tool that has the most conversion rate of the market.